Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & HoneyCampari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

IT’S FRIDAY! Aaaand definitely time for a drink.

Can you believe that this is the first cocktail recipe I’ve posted on here? I mean, I work in the booze industry and I haven’t shown off my high class bartending skills yet, how could I?!

It’s because I am a terrible bartender, that’s how. When I say I work in the industry I don’t mean that I work behind a bar, more like behind the scenes. So yeah, making cocktails isn’t really my forte. That is of course, apart from this one.

Campari wasn’t something I’d tried up until a few years ago, introduced to me by a group of Swiss-Italian friends in a parking lot on our way to Locarno’s annual film festival. Campari and orange, on ice, in plastic cups. I fell in love.

Last year Spritzs were trending all over London, which was about the best thing that’s happened this side of Milan since whenever the last best thing was – do you know how good a Spritz tastes while basking in glorious sunshine? It’s an unparalleled feeling – seriously if you don’t know already then get. to. know.

So about this drink, it’s not quite a classic Campari Spritz for lack of soda, but I quite fancy this as a more grown-up version of my favourite drink from my early 20s, something that says ‘I’m turning 26 next week and already considering botox’.

I find ditching the ice makes any drink infinitely sexier, and since I naturally lean more towards being dorky I go straight up mostly to make up for that, however add ice if you wish. Regardless of how you like it, this cocktail is bitter sweet with a touch of fizz, delicious on the rocks or not, and impossible to mess up. Did someone say aperitivo time?!

P.S. I had so much fun with this one, I’m sure you can imagine why.

Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey


Campari Orange Spritz | Thyme & Honey

Campari  Orange Spritz

You’ll need:

Fresh oranges
Garnish: orange twist

Chill your glasses – fill them with ice cubes and set aside for 5 minutes before discarding. If you’d prefer your Spritz on the rocks then keep ’em in.

Once chilled, for each cocktail add 50ml Campari to your chosen vessel, followed by a squeeze of fresh orange juice (around 25ml), then top with 75ml Prosecco.

For the orange garnish, hold the orange in the palm of your hand and with a paring knife towards you, slice into the peel almost to the white pith and cut out a strip of peel. Gently twist the sliced peel over the glass to let out the orange oil, then lightly run the peel around the edge of the glass for flavour and aroma, and finally drop into the Spritz for garnish.


6 thoughts on “Campari Orange Spritz

  1. MeinKochen says:

    lecker 😉 seeeeehr lecker 😉

  2. thekeyofkels says:

    It is definitely a good day for a cocktail! Cheers!

  3. Reblogged this on In My Hungry Opinion and commented:
    Happy Friday!

  4. cheergerm says:

    Beautiful photos. Love the last shot, it was a tough job but someone had to do it. Yum. 🙂

  5. Frau Jot says:

    And today it´s Friday again and I think, this will be my drink für this evening!!! Grat pics!!!

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