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I’ve been holding out on you guys in a big way. See, I know a recipe for the most decadent chocolate tart, adorned with pistachios and flavoured with a hint of smoked sea salt, that only takes 20 minutes to make and doesn’t require any pastry.

All you need is biscuits, butter, chocolate and cream. And salt, smokey salty goodness. And maybe a bit of sugar for good measure, just because. It’s pretty much plain sailing from there. Chocolate sailing through pistachio seas.

Recently I’ve been doing pretty well on the healthy living front, but every now and then I really need to just face-plant into a cake and bask in its glory, you know what I mean? And there is really no better way to indulge than with this monster. Ridiculous.

Not for chocolate addicts, because this tart is like chocolate crack. Thank me later.


No-bake Salted Chocolate + Pistachio Tart | Thyme & Honey

No-bake Salted Chocolate + Pistachio Tart | Thyme & Honey

No-bake Salted Chocolate + Pistachio Tart

Makes one 9.5″ tart or 8 tartlets

250g butter biscuits, like Le Petit Beurre or Leibniz
175g unsalted butter, melted
200g dark chocolate
100g dark brown soft sugar
300ml double cream
10g sea salt (I use Maldon smoked sea salt)
Handful of pistachios, roasted or raw, roughly chopped

Place the biscuits in a freezer bag and crush using a rolling pin until you have fine crumbs. Don’t worry too much about the crumbs being totally even. Add the crushed biscuits to a bowl, pour over the melted butter and mix.

Tip the biscuits into a fluted tart tin and using your hands press into shape. Start with the sides of the tart before finishing with the base. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes while you make the filling.

Heat double cream until scalding (but not boiling) and pour over the chocolate and sugar. Whisk until entirely melted, then add the sea salt.

Remove the tart case from the freezer and pour in the filling. Refrigerate overnight or for at least 4 hours.

Crush up a couple of biscuits and sprinkle over the tart with the chopped pistachios before serving.

Serve either cold or at room temperature. Store in the fridge, it will keep for a good few days.


17 thoughts on “No-bake Salted Chocolate + Pistachio Tart

  1. vannillarock says:

    Great shots and a must-try combination!

  2. gillypotter says:

    Will definitely be giving this a try. I’m drooling! Great instructions and photography. Gilly x

  3. Wow! This looks awesome…

  4. Bebbalicious says:

    I’m always on the lookout for an easy but show stopping dessert and I think this might be it! x

  5. This chocoholic has just found it’s next fix! Enjoyed your beautiful photos, as well.

  6. Karen says:

    This sounds ever so good and the chopped pistachio is a great topping.

  7. Haha ‘chocolate crack’! I had better be careful then! X

  8. Absolutely beautiful. I”m definitely trying this.

  9. bonnieeng says:

    Oh wow…this looks so INCREDIBLE! Love the use of butter biscuits!

  10. amanda says:

    only twenty minutes, eh? i was feeling too lazy to make dessert but for chocolate crack…i’m in!

  11. Help, this looks so freaking good, I want to make it right now!

  12. Denise [But First, Live!] says:

    omg, this sounds divine!!

  13. Liza Wilson says:

    This is a cool blog.

  14. Woah. Forget pancake day – I want this!

  15. Liza Wilson says:

    your recipes, o my gosh, delicious!

  16. Lovely recipe! cant wait to try it!

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